Dialysis Clinic, Inc. - Supply Company
DCI Emergency and Natural Disaster Hotline 866-424-1990
Confidential Compliance Hotline: 877-326-1109
DCI Patient Experience Feedback Line: 833-602-2199 or Patient.Experience@dciinc.org

DCI Supply Company has been serving patients and staff for over 30 years. Operating from a separate location in an industrial setting a few miles to the south of Nashville, Tennessee, the Supply Company is a well-equipped service center that manages cost by negotiating favorable drug and supply contracts with all vendors in the dialysis industry; ensures quality by testing new products and providing feedback to manufacturers; answers patient and staff product questions; and manages the timeliness of deliveries.

The staff pride themselves on service. During normal business hours, e-mail and voicemail are checked every thirty minutes. The staff enjoy helping home patients place their orders. They can help determine the volume of supplies needed and coordinate a delivery date to ensure that patients are never short of supplies and do not receive inventory beyond what the home can hold.

Staff are also ready and willing to help DCI employees utilize the online medical supply formulary. The goals of the formulary are to ensure high quality resources to deliver outstanding patient care and to build volume with a select number of vendors in order to negotiate better deals for our clinics and affiliated organizations. Currently, there are approximately 2,500 items in stock from about 50 vendors. If an item ordered is in stock it can usually be sent out the same day. DCI Supply Company’s role in facilitating the provision of high quality supplies and equipment at the best possible price allows the DCI clinics and affiliated providers to concentrate on and achieve their central mission in the delivery of excellent patient care.