Emergency Information

If you are having a medical emergency, please call 911.


DCI Clinics listed below have been affected by inclement weather. If you haven’t already been notified about an altered schedule, please contact your clinic directly by calling the phone number listed.

  • DCI Boston (MA, located inside Tufts Medical Center) – (617) 636-6389
  • Staten Island Artificial Kidney Center (NY) – (718) 983-7000
  • DCI Narrows Kidney Center (Brooklyn, NY) – (718) 836-8444
  • Carol Molinaro Dialysis Center (Staten Island, NY) – (718) 816-6455
  • DCI New Vanderbilt Dialysis Center (Staten Island, NY) – (718) 420-1934
  • DCI Glens Falls (NY) – (518) 252-0008

The DCI Emergency Command Center

phone number is 866.424.1990.


Click here to visit the Kidney Community Emergency Response website

Emergency Information