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Established in 2007, DCI’s Office of Clinical Research reviews industry- or investigator-initiated studies proposed to be conducted on DCI patients to ensure the research is scientifically rigorous and valid while the appropriate human protection procedures are followed. We have expert knowledge of federal regulations, HIPAA, Medicare Clinical Trial Policy, Good Clinical Practice and Federal Wide Assurances. 

DCI’s proprietary and extensive Medical Information System (MIS) is used by all clinics, and DCI patient information is entered at clinic initiation and updated as medication changes, hospitalizations or other events occur. The MIS provides current information about demographics, oral and IV medications, hospitalization dates, primary diagnosis and comorbidities. The MIS is problem based. Problems are created from patient histories, 2728 forms, hospital discharge summaries and physician correspondence. Problem descriptions come from the ICD-9-CM manual. All orders (medication, treatment, lab, procedures and consultation) must have an assigned problem to be entered. Multi-disciplinary progress notes may also be entered. This system allows for very extensive and precise data collection.

Under the Office of Clinical Research, DCI initiates, conducts, manages and funds large clinical trials in nephrology as advised by our DCI Medical Director Research Committee.


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For more information regarding the DCI Office of Clinical Research and/or in participating in clinical trials, please contact:

Karen Majchrzak, MS, CCRP
Director of Clinical Research
Tel: 615-342-0483

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