Dialysis Clinic, Inc. - Laboratory
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DCI Emergency and Natural Disaster Hotline 866.424.1990
Confidential Compliance Hotline: 877-326-1109
DCI Patient Experience Feedback Line: 833-602-2199

DCI Laboratory, founded in 1988 as a division of Dialysis Clinic, Inc., is a full service laboratory responding specifically to the needs of dialysis patients. Our laboratory division was established in response to nephrologists’ request for personnel and instrumentation in tune with the dialysis community.

DCI Laboratory provides quality services and advanced testing technologies for health care providers and their ESRD patients, including:

  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Hematology
  • Immunochemistry
  • LAL (Endotoxin) Testing
  • Water Analysis
  • Dialysate and Water Cultures
  • Dialysate Chemistries
  • HIV Testing
  • Serum Aluminum and Zinc
  • On-line Data Transmission

We are:

  • CLIA Certified
  • Utilizing AAMI Standards for Water Analysis