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DCI Emergency and Natural Disaster Hotline 866.424.1990
Confidential Compliance Hotline: 877-326-1109
DCI Patient Experience Feedback Line: 833-602-2199

An important objective for DCI, as a tax-exempt public benefit organization, is the pursuit of activities to benefit ESRD patients in furtherance of its charter, mission and charitable purpose. Each day DCI serves and supports the individual ESRD patient through quality dialysis treatment and dialysis-related therapy and other services to address their needs through a holistic approach to him or her as a person. DCI’s work does not end, however, after treating the individual. We equally strive to serve the dialysis community as a whole through clinical research, education, training and transplantation. DCI’s Reserve Fund Program for Research, Education and Development (RFP) is DCI’s way of facilitating research that touches many aspects of ESRD such as underlying causes and prevention of renal failure, strategies to improve the dialysis experience and effectiveness, transplantation, useful anti-rejection therapies and the simple things that might assist and make a big difference to the dialysis patient. The Reserve Fund Program also promotes professional and public education in the field of renal care.

Because the Reserve Fund Program emphasizes clinical issues, DCI asks that its medical directors submit a Reserve Fund Program application and recommend appropriate use of the Reserve Fund Program resources. DCI’s charitable, educational and scientific principles as well as DCI’s compliance program will guide its consideration of Reserve Fund Program requests. Reserve Fund Program endeavors might involve research studies, training, education, clinical and patient care activities.

In addition to the Reserve Fund Program, DCI’s clinics and the corporate office, through voluntary contributions, maintain a research fund known as the “Paul Teschan Research Fund”. This program utilizes a peer review process to fund scientific applications on an annual basis.

DCI is committed to improving the circumstances for ESRD patients during all phases of their experience. If you are interested in an application for the Reserve Fund Program, please contact your DCI Medical Director, Administrator, or DCI’s Reserve Fund Administrator.