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About DCI’s Medical Summer Internship Program:

Dialysis Clinic, Inc. has sponsored a medical summer internship for pre-medical students in the clinical area of organ transplantation since 1998. Over the last 20 years, the medical summer internship program has expanded to 20 cities all across the United States, and as a result, has given over 200 students the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the medical field.

The medical summer internship entails shadowing physicians on rounds in the hospital, observing and assisting in an outpatient/clinic facility, and observing the coordination of a transplant. In addition, students will be able to visit the local Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) and HLA lab. Participants may also have the opportunity to do data collection for the transplant service or work on a clinical research project.

In addition to the medical portion of the internship, all interns will also participate as a counselor for Camp Okawehna, a week-long camp for dialyzed and post-kidney transplant children. Each intern’s role is essential to the functioning of camp, and many interns have said that the week at camp was their favorite and most remarkable part of their entire summer internship. The camp is located in Nashville, TN, and will take place the week following orientation.

The purpose of this medical summer internship is to expose the student to hospital and outpatient environments, as well as to specific areas of medicine such as surgery and clinical research. These experiences are designed to help students decide whether or not to pursue a career in medicine. There is a strong preference for students currently in their junior year of college with a serious interest in medicine. Housing will be provided for all interns, as well as round-trip travel to the hosting transplant center. A stipend will also be provided.

Please send any questions regarding the internship program to Jaimee.Lockwood@dciinc.org.

It would be beneficial for applicants to submit their application materials before this date since interns will be selected by a rolling admissions process.
Thank you for your interest in our medical summer internship program. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Medical Summer Internship Program:

Can I apply if I am not a junior in college?

There is a strong preference for students completing their junior year of college. However, a few sophomores and/or seniors have been selected in past years. This acceptance of sophomores or seniors is dependent on the applicant pool for each year.

How many intern positions are there?

In the most recent years, 16 interns have been selected for the summer internship.

Can I apply if I am an international student?

International students attending a college or university in the U.S. are welcome to apply. However, all things being equal, U.S. citizens will be given preference. Note: International travel will not be provided.

Does DCI have rolling admissions for the internship program?

Yes, thus it is important that applicants try and submit their application as soon as possible.

How is internship placement determined?

Students rank their placement preferences once accepted for the program. Depending on center profiles, intern interests and intern placement preference, interns will be placed in the most appropriate location. Again: Students living in or attending colleges or universities in one of these cities will not be placed with a host in that city.

Who facilitates my shadowing experience?

The internship coordinator, Jaimee Lockwood, will set up communications with a host (physician and/or organ procurement organization) that will help coordinate shadowing experiences for each intern. Almost all of the hosts have participated in the program before and have provided a wonderful learning experience for past interns. These hosts are also personal friends of the internship’s founder, Dr. Keith Johnson.

Am I required to be a counselor at Camp Okawehna?

Yes, all interns play an essential role in the success of the camp. You will be a mentor for 3-6 children or teenagers (they will comprise your cabin), ranging in age from 6 to 18. There will also be several healthcare professionals to assist you at all times.

What kind of housing is provided?

Depending on location, interns will either be placed in an extended stay hotel or a dorm. How much is the stipend? Depending on funding, the stipend is typically around $1,500.

Will I need a car?

Unfortunately, almost every intern will need to have a car due to the nature of this experience. However, there are a couple of placements available for interns that do not have access to a vehicle.

How will I need to dress at my location?

Interns are expected to dress business casual unless told otherwise.