Dialysis Clinic, Inc. - Sharon Cooper Retires After 16 Years With DCI
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Sharon Cooper Retires After 16 Years With DCI

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Sharon Cooper, nurse manager at the Home Training Program in Albany, GA, recently retired after more than 16 years!


Sharon first joined DCI in 1980 as a hemodialysis nurse in the chronic in-center setting. After a short time, she left to pursue other opportunities but returned to the clinic more than 20 years later in 2006 as home hemodialysis coordinator. Described as a “go getter who truly puts patients first,” Sharon tapped into her determination and passion to make the program a success, paving the way for the program to grow companywide.  


“I loved being able to provide more flexibility and independence to patients through home treatments,” said Sharon. “When the patients are happy, it makes you feel like what you’re doing is paying off.” 


In addition to helping home dialysis patients, Sharon said her other favorite part about working at DCI is the amazing people she’s worked with over the years, specifically her long-time, now-retired manager, Portia Wooden, who was an integral part of Sharon’s time at DCI.


“To work with staff that are caring and compassionate about what they do is what matters most. You could have the best technology and buildings, but the people are what makes the organization,” she said. “And having great leadership, who genuinely care about patients and staff is what matters. I knew I could go to my supervisor, Portia, with anything, personal or professional. DCI truly has wonderful leaders.” 




Sharon’s friends and coworkers have nothing but good things to say about their time with her. 


“What struck me about Sharon is her kindness.  She truly loved her job and loved caring for her patients. She always gave them her best” said Rachel Harrison, corporate nurse. 


“I have had the pleasure of working with Sharon for many years. She always went above and beyond to care for our DCI home patients. She worked closely with her home team to make sure the patients were given excellent care. She put her heart and soul into improving patient outcomes. On a daily basis she strived to stay focused on our mission to provide dialysis to patients with dignity and respect. She will definitely be missed” said Kathy Gibson, corporate nurse consultant for home therapies. 


In retirement, Sharon said she is looking forward to spending more time with family and friends, especially watching all of her great-grandson’s sporting events. She’s also planning a trip to Jamaica with her sisters and to visit family in California. 



“I feel fortunate to have spent 16 years at DCI, an organization that stands out above the rest,” she added. “You have to really pour your heart into what you do, and I’m blessed to have had that around me here at DCI.”


Congratulations on your retirement, Sharon! We are so grateful to have had such an amazing and dedicated team member like you. We will miss you!