Dialysis Clinic, Inc. - REACH Kidney Care Hosts Grocery Store Tour
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REACH Kidney Care Hosts Grocery Store Tour

Posted in Articles by Dialysis Clinic, Inc

On Tuesday, April 17, Janet Thomsen, REACH Care Coordinator, Jan Dudley, REACH dietitian, and Kayla, HyVee dietitian, gathered with patients at a HyVee grocery store in Omaha, Nebraska, for an educational tour.

The tour was designed to teach people with kidney disease how to read food labels, interpret serving sizes, and shop for healthy substitutions for foods that they once enjoyed that may no longer be kidney friendly.

Teresa Walker, a REACH Kidney Care patient, decided to participate in the grocery store tour. “I learned so much. It really helped having someone walk with me to explain the store,” stated Teresa. “I learned about kidney friendly fruits and vegetables. I discovered the spices that I could use in my recipes. And, I learned how to make homemade soup in order to avoid sodium. Really, it was a great experience.”

Dietitians Jan and Kayla showed the participants kidney friendly food choices. They answered many questions about products that participants had once enjoyed but had cut out of their diet. The dietitians explained what made a healthy substitute. 

REACH Kidney Care of Omaha was thrilled to be able to provide the event in conjunction with HyVee. Janet explained that she helped by calling and letting patients know about the tour, but the mastermind behind the project was Jan. “This is just one more example of Jan going above and beyond and giving patients real information that they can see, touch, feel and literally taste and implement into their everyday lives.”