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Caption for photo: [ Dr. Keith Johnson, Founder and Chairman of DCI, and Dr. Doug Johnson, Vice-Chairman, receiving the coronavirus vaccine.]

DCI strongly encourages our patients, staff and community to be receive a COVID-19 vaccine in the fight against this deadly virus – to protect yourself, your loved ones and those around you.

People living with chronic kidney disease fall into a high-risk category that can lead to serious complications – even death – if they contract COVID-19. For that reason, our country’s leadership made the decision in late March to provide vaccines directly to dialysis centers.

The DCI medical team has confidence in the vaccines and is committed to educating our patients about the life saving benefits vaccines offer. If you are still unsure about the vaccines, or if they are right for you, please talk to your medical provider and visit the CDC website in the link below to learn more.

We hope you will join TEAM VACCINE. We can fight COVID-19 together!

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For more information on CDC’s guidance on vaccines please visit