Dialysis Clinic, Inc. - Kidney Fun Troops
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Kidney Fun Troops


DCI staff invite our community to a “Friends, Family, and Fun Kidney Night.”. Free blood sugar/blood pressure checks and education with be offered. We will play bingo games with everyone that attends, offering prizes. Snacks and refreshments will be offered. Patients will be invited to help with decorating, planning, set up, and facilitating games. All employees will participate.


Our goals:

  • An opportunity for people on dialysis to participate in a fun event outside of dialysis and empower them to support each other.
  • Education on controlling high blood pressure and diabetes in order to reduce damage to the kidneys.
  • Inform the community there is a local dialysis clinic for them and there is no need to travel hundreds of miles out of town to receive treatment, or worse think they have to move if they are at the point of needing dialysis.
  • Encourage all patients to invite their family and friends to the event in order for them to have a wonderful time!


How many people from the community participated?

~80 total

What was the highlight of the event?

  • Transplant team representatives came from out of state to provide information
  • People on dialysis had a sense of purpose as they volunteered during the event
  • People from the community were able to meet the DCI staff and learn more about kidney disease
  • People that are currently on dialysis were able to enjoy a social outing and make friends

What did people say about the event?

“I had fun. My whole family came. We enjoyed the prizes we won” – dialysis patient

“It was nice to meet the DCI staff” – member of the community

“This was a lot of fun” – DCI staff member

“This was nice of DCI to do this for the community” – family member of a dialysis patient

“It’s exciting this many people from the community came” – DCI staff member

“The dialysis patient’s that volunteered did an amazing job!”- DCI staff member