Dialysis Clinic, Inc. - HERB and the SPICE GIRLS – Healthy Habits for Healthy Kidneys!
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HERB and the SPICE GIRLS – Healthy Habits for Healthy Kidneys!


Seniors, as a general rule, are underserved and undereducated about the effects of diet on overall health. We would like to bring awareness to diabetes and hypertension as the leading causes of CKD in a fun, approachable, and non-clinical manner to initiate thought, discussion, and implementation of healthy habits to the senior community at large. We would like to discuss diet, screen for high blood pressure, offer low-sodium or sodium-free samples, and ensure that the correlation between under-treated diabetes and/or hypertension with CKD/ESRD is known to the public. For those identified as being at higher risk, we will refer to their PCP with findings and education about the pre-renal/REACH programs to increase visibility and early referrals from the community. We will also incorporate a community seminar where the IDT will educate on options for dialysis and healthy living.


To bring awareness of the relationship between diet, hypertension, and diabetes with kidney disease in a manner which specifically focuses on the lower-income elderly populations and to highlight how SPICES can help people become healthier by relying less on sodium for flavor. We would like to identify at-risk individuals and refer them back to community health or primary care with provider and patient level information to increase awareness of pre-renal and REACH programs in an effort to hopefully assist some low-income seniors in staying off of dialysis and increasing modality education.


“Herb and the Spice Girls – Healthy habits for Healthy Kidneys” has been successful. We held two senior center events in June. During the events we were able to complete a presentation on ways to lower blood pressure, how to make healthy food and simple ways to promote physical activity. We created two posters and distributed three handouts. We had a station for taste testing and we gave out samples. We also completed the blood pressure screenings.

On 6/4/2019 at the Glens Falls Senior Center we had 12 people attend. On 6/6/2019 Moreau Senior Center we had 10 people attend.

The educational information included:

2 Posters:

  • Eating Well
  • Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

3 Handouts:

  • Eating Well
  • Seasoning with Herbs and Spices
  • Activity Calendar

2 Displays:

  • Tray with various spices and their benefits
  • Dish garden with herb seed packets

Taste testing: Vegetable tray with dill dip (recipe from the pamphlet “Seasoning with Herbs and Spices”)


  • Mrs. DASH seasoning packets
  • Water bottles labeled with “Drink Water for Kidney Health”

Song: “Eat right America” (Tune: “O Beautiful for Spacious Skies”)

Blood Pressure Screening

We know word is getting out about our education efforts because our program has been requested by the Senior Center in Greenfield in October.

Glens Falls Senior Center, Other local senior centers (TBD), Crandall Library, Glens Falls YMCA- depending on reception and resources.

Contact Person:

Kathleen Anderson

Email: kathleen.andersen@dciinc.org