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Dine In, Dine Well with Kidney Disease


We plan to develop a curriculum to teach classes to kids involved in the Capital Area Food Bank and Meals on Wheels after school programs about “healthy food, healthy choices, healthy kidneys”. We will partner with the local food bank and when the project is over they will also keep a tool kit so their staff can continue the program.


The project will impact the community by educating a young and at risk population of children about kidney health. The information presented will examine the relationship between self care of their bodies through food and exercise. A variety of oral and written materials will be developed for the classes.


The Children’s Dialysis Clinic of Central Texas’ purpose project for 2019 was two-fold. We created a series of cooking videos entitled “Dine In, Dine Well with Kidney Disease.” The instructional cooking videos feature JB Gross, the chef D’cuisine at Loro, a popular Austin restaurant, alongside several of our pediatric dialysis patients. The videos teach people to cook a delicious meal of salmon, salad, couscous and cookies with fresh and renal-friendly ingredients. The recipes are low in salt, potassium and phosphorus, but full of flavor and texture. We also organized an 18 year reunion celebration of our pediatric dialysis unit. We invited back each dialysis patient and their families who dialyzed at our facility since 2001 for a fun-filled Sunday afternoon of food, games and superheroes. Families and staff joined together to reconnect and celebrate. We felt it was important to recognize families and caretakers as kidney champions for their resilience on the journey through kidney disease. The reunion party also included a premier of the “Dine In, Dine Well with Kidney Disease” video and a presentation of gratitude to the chefs who gave their time and talents.

Austin, TX

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Robin Davis

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