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Choo Choo Angels


This Project will focus on early detection of kidney disease by providing a health fair and steps for follow up.


Our Project will bring awareness of the challenges that people with kidney disease face by living in food deserts, the causes and risks of kidney disease, and how to learn if you are at risk or how to discuss your kidney function with your health care provider, and options on slowing progression, and treatment options if you are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.


We partnered with The Kidney Foundation of Greater Chattanooga and provided education materials and “swag” at the Hamilton County Minority Health Fair. Through the Kidney Foundation’s “PEED” program (Providing Education and Early Detection), we did height, weight and blood pressure checks, and urinalysis to monitor kidney function. Nephrology Associates performed blood glucose checks. All participants were able to speak to a nephrologist or a nephrology NP about their urinalysis results, risk factors, and prevention strategies! We screened 155 participants!

Chattanooga, TN

Contact Person:

Valerie Goodwin

Email: valerie.goodwin@dciinc.org