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The Gator KID-ney Health Team
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The Event
Health fair and education in schools
Location & Address
Santa Fe Community College
Our first event, in a series of upcoming events, was at Santa Fe Community College on April 15th, 2011. Tables were set up in a series of “stations”, ready to greet and assess students. Our aim was to help students identify if they were “at risk” for kidney failure. Our motivation in identifying risk factors for interested students was to make an impact on prevention of kidney disease in youth and young adults. The goal was to get them referred for medical treatment in the event they were at risk, and also to educate as many as possible in the course of a morning. The first station was manned by the Renal Dietitian, Joan Andrews, who did weights and BMI’s. She discussed the benefits of weight control, and the adverse affects of obesity. Since obesity is one of the factors in causing strokes, diabetes and cardiovascular issues, it is included in the “metabolic syndrome” responsible for kidney failure. Our hope is that these issues can possibly be prevented when recognized and managed at a young age. Joan offered literature regarding appropriate food portions at meals, along with information about obesity, risks, and weight loss. The second station was manned by Lindsey Spencer, RN; who discussed the possibility of risk factors in the family. She evaluated if each student was at risk for diabetes or had a familial history, and if so, welcomed them to have their blood sugar tested. Lindsey offered education and information to each student along with an assessment. None of the students tested had a blood sugar that was out of range. The third station was manned by Alex Cortez, LPN; who took Blood Pressures to identify risks of hypertension. It was unsettling to realize how many students were walking around with unidentified hypertension! Information was given to each about the possible affect of high blood pressure on their kidneys. Alex explained how hypertension was included in the “metabolic syndrome”, and could be responsible for kidney disease. He also explained prevention – especially if identified and treated at a young age. At the final station, Teri Martinez PA-C was available to meet with anyone identified “at risk”. She spoke with each student, (with any indication of “metabolic syndrome”), individually, and explained how their risks could lead to kidney failure. She told them about dialysis, and ways to prevent the need for it. She referred them to their Primary Physician, or to the Health Department as seemed appropriate. We gave out drinks, trinkets, and balloons to all participants along with a card showing their BMI, BS, BP, and weight. We handed out our “DCI University of Florida” business card, and invited students to visit our clinic and participate in our Pre-ESRD education class if they were identified “at risk”. Students received literature on weight loss, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease. The students came and went, non-stop. Marsha Oxamendi, MSW, met and greeted each student while directing them to the tables as they showed an interest. Students were standing in line! It was exciting, and satisfying to know that we were making an impact in our community, in our youth, and in the prevention of future patients needing dialysis. Instead, they would hopefully have a healthy life! Seventy-six High School and College students participated in this event over a 4 hour period. This is the first in a series of upcoming events for the KIDney Gator Team at local colleges, and at the University of Florida in Gainesville. We will send pictures from our next event.
Date & Time
April 15, 2011, 10 AM - 2 PM
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Shauna Lee RN Nurse Manager Team Lead

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