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The Atlanta Pioneers
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870 Northside Dr, Atlanta, GA 30318
The Event
Health fair
Location & Address
Pryor St. YMCA
Our 40 Acts of Service Project was a short 15 minute film about the history of DCI in Atlanta. We invited employees to come and be interviewed and to tell their story. It was a great success. The seasoned employees loved getting together, we newbies loved hearing the story of our beginning and we were all impressed by the number of employees who are still working 38 years later! To premier our film we invited 30 plus vendors to participate with us in a Health Expo. The Health Expo although hosted by us would cover all areas of health care. We were really thrilled when the American Kidney Fund, the American Diabetic Association and many others signed up to participate. We had local artists, kids projects, and even cooking and physical fitness demonstrations. The cooking demos were a big hit! We held the event at a local YMCA that had just opened and being a Saturday we had a great response. Kids who visited the exhibits came by later with their parents. We also received a proclamation from the Governor of Georgia! Wow! It was a pretty great day. The greatest part for us is instead of ending at the Health Expo, we have had many employees asking to be more involved in our community service, and many local doctors have called saying they have had patients come in as a result of their blood pressure or blood sugar readings. We also have a film to show to new staff and patients about our beginning. For us it really did become the reason for our existence. It has brought us together as a team.
Date & Time
June 25, 2011, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
For More Information
Bettye Donaldson, bettye.donaldson@dciinc.org or 404-230-2959

Full details and program guidelines are posted on www.dciinc.org and the DCI intranet. Acts of Service must be coordinated by DCI employees. All DCI employees are welcome to participate. * Award money received from winning the online competition for "Best Act of Service" is to be used for DCI clinic educational purposes. For example: Paying for staff education courses, funding Pre-ESRD courses, or to purchase educational items to be used in the clinic.

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