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Myth Busters
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Kansas City
650 Carondelet Dr., Kansas City, MO 64114
The Event
A Culinary Expo
Location & Address
St Joseph Medical Center's Community Center for Health and Education, 1000 Carondelet Dr Bldg D, Kansas City, MO 64114
The Myth Busters held two culinary expos. The first was on May 14, 2011 at Sheffield Family Life Center which is a mega church in the inner city of the Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area. The church allowed us to use a large reception room and a classroom. The second was held at St. Joseph Medical Center where we were able to use their auditorium and a classroom. St. Joseph is located on the southwest side of Kansas City, Missouri right at the Kansas state border. We had 12-15 vendors participate in the event with us including the Heartland Kidney Network, the University of Missouri Extension Office, the Jackson County Health Department, The American Diabetes Association, The Lupus Foundation, Midwest Transplant Network, and Creighton University’s glaucoma screening program. All of the vendors provided information related to health, food, and gardening. Our dietitian presented a class entitled “Sodium and Nutrition”. Health screenings were offered to all attendees. The Myth Busters performed kidney risk assessments. Our assessments included a family/patient health history, blood pressure and blood sugar readings, and checking urine for microalbumin (protein). We also offered to calculate BMI’s as did the Jackson County Health Department. After the assessments were completed, we followed up with nursing consultations. Given that this was a “culinary expo”, food and diet were the primary focus of the events. Our attendees were treated to a variety of foods to taste. For the first event, the Myth Busters prepared foods such as breakfast burritos, pasta salad, and fruit with fruit dip for attendees to taste and, one of the team members grilled “chili burgers” and chicken. ALL of the foods were renal and diabetes friendly with emphasis placed on low to no sodium flavor enhancement. A local culinary training program catered our second event. Culinary Cornerstones is operated by the Episcopal Community Services program in Kansas City, Missouri. They provide culinary training to people who are looking for a “second chance, preparing them for entry into the work force. They created an easy to replicate lunch for the attendees to taste and shared their recipes for the fresh salad, delicious lemon pepper chicken and tasty fruit cups drizzled with honey yogurt dressing. Of course no celebration is complete without cake! So, to emphasize the importance of portion size, we had mini cupcakes instead of larger servings of cake. Our strategy effectively conveyed the message that one doesn’t have to give up decadent treats to eat healthfully, but to be mindful of portion sizes and how often they indulge in such foods. The highlight of both events was the “DCi Iron Chef” challenge. Two local restaurant chefs and one from Iowa squared off against each other and were challenged to make healthy, low sodium dishes using food provided by us and with little in the way of equipment to prepare it. They were also given “secret” ingredients which were not revealed until the start of the competition. The audience delighted in watching the chefs cook. Our emcee at the second event was a dialysis patient who is also trained in the culinary arts. The dishes were judged by Myth Busters team members, vendors, and dialysis patients. Judging was based upon presentation and taste and, in the end; Chef Royal Chevront was named the winner and awarded the first place medal. All participating chefs were presented with nicely framed certificates of appreciation. To top it off, the audiences were invited to taste the chefs' dishes after the competitions! In summary, our goals were to: 1. Help people to make the connection between good food and good health. 2. Demonstrate that “healthy” food can be simple to prepare, full of flavor without the sodium, and easy on the budget. 3. Encourage CKD patients to participate, educate, and take away information that can improve their outcomes. 4. Educate the general public about CKD and their risk factors for the disease. All in all, we accomplished what we set out to do and did it in a way that was fun and entertaining. As a result, we bolstered staff morale and made numerous contacts with other community organizations who are interested in having us participate in their upcoming events.
Date & Time
July 9, 2011, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
For More Information
Tanya Kearney at DCI Kansas City 816-941-0595

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