Nila’s Kidney Dream Walk

08 Nov Nila’s Kidney Dream Walk


Nila’s Kidney Dream Walk raised $3,055 for the National Kidney Foundation

Nilarosa Munawar touched many lives during her time at DCI Faulkner. Whether she was checking in with a patient or providing nutritional counseling, Nila had a special way of showing her support to the hopes and goals of each dialysis patient in the clinic. 

As a dietitian, Nila provided essential dietary counseling in the clinic. Her passion for both her profession and patients was evident in all of her actions. Last year, DCI Faulkner Home program won the DCI Darwin Peterson Award, which Nila was instrumental in helping to achieve. 

In 2015, Nila also spearheaded a new outreach opportunity for the first time at DCI Faulkner. She recruited patients and coworkers to join her at the National Kidney Foundation’s Boston Kidney Walk. As team captain, Nila made it her mission to educate and encourage patients and community members to learn more about their kidney health.   

“Nila was so involved in our community and listened to each and every patient. She offered sound counsel and advice for patients on what to do to best take care of themselves,” said Abigail DeMille, LCSW, social worker at DCI Faulkner. “Nila was always supportive and always helping. I felt that the world was a better place with her in it.” 

The Kidney Walk had a special place in Nila’s heart. This year, about 15 patients and staff walked in Nila’s honor. Abigail shared that one patient walked again this year specifically because Nila had encouraged him to participate and he cherished their memory from the walk together in 2015.

“It was a completely unifying experience,” said Abigail. “Patients really wanted to participate, and we found that it was a special time where we could all come together, instead of being a ‘patient’ or a ‘clinic employee’. We were all unified by the same purpose, to honor Nila’s life.”