Dialysis Clinic, Inc. - Longtime employee Valerie Goodwin celebrates 45 years with DCI
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Longtime Employee Valerie Goodwin Celebrates 45 Years With DCI

Posted in Articles by Dialysis Clinic, Inc.

“There’s never been a dull moment,” says Valerie Goodwin as she reflects on a monumental milestone: 45 years with Dialysis Clinic, Inc. 


A lot of things have changed since she began her career with DCI in June of 1978, but what matters most has stayed the same. Over the years, she has seen the evolution of dialysis and had the chance to pursue a wide variety of career opportunities, from charge nurse to nurse manager. All of this experience has prepared her to excel in her current role as a staff educator for our clinics in the Chattanooga, Tennessee, area.  


So, what is the secret to Valerie’s success? Passion. For her patients, first and foremost, but also for her fellow employees, and overarchingly, DCI as an organization. She loves what she does, and her love is apparent in the care she provides every day. “I love being able to care for the person as a whole, not just a disease, and seeing the result of that care.” 


Her unflinching devotion makes her the first person to step up whenever there is a need. She is known for going above and beyond when it comes to her patients and her teammates. 


“Valerie is a wonderful, caring nurse. Her encouragement and dedication to patients and staff is inspiring. She lives out our mission every day,” says Sonya Webb, Area Operations Director for the Chattanooga-area clinics. 


Her fellow employees all echo this sentiment. They mention her big heart and willingness to offer support far beyond the clinical setting. 



“I have worked with Valerie for over 26 years and grown to know her as a very dear friend. We’ve always listened to and encouraged one another,” says Karen Crawford, a staff accountant. 


As a nurse educator, she’s had the chance to have a considerable positive effect on her coworkers, acting as a mentor and seamlessly guiding new employees through what can often be a stressful orientation process with the ease that only comes from decades of experience. D’Anne Lyle, nurse manager, thanks Valerie for being a role model to countless employees over the years. “Not many can say they have worked at the same job for 45 years. What a huge accomplishment to be proud of,” says D’Anne. 


Valerie resonates heavily with DCI’s mission, “the care of the patient is our reason for existence.” It’s why she’s stayed at the same company for 45 years. DCI talks the talk. Our mission isn’t just a statement on paper. We truly embody it through our culture, values and each patient interaction. “Dr. Johnson (DCI founder) displays such heart, and his actions mirror his words to this day,” says Valerie. 


She attributes her career longevity to working for a genuine, family-operated organization that puts patients first. At DCI, it’s more than just another job in healthcare, and that’s a big deal to Valerie. 


Her exceptional impact on her patients goes without saying. Karen Crawford mentions how Valerie makes all of her patients feel at ease. “Her soft voice and kind heart have blessed each patient throughout her career.”


Cynthia Robinson, nurse manager, emphasizes how Valerie positively influences everyone she comes into contact with, especially patients. Cynthia speaks of her professionalism and utmost respect for the dialysis process. “She is committed to providing the best educational development and patient outcomes.”


Valerie’s favorite DCI memory is yet another testament to her sincere passion for what she does. “I love knowing that I have been able to impact a life in a positive way and make a difference for the better.” 

As she reflects on the last 45 years, she remembers how far the dialysis process has come and how, despite the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, DCI has remained steadfast through it all. “Dr. Keith Johnson, who has unquestionable integrity, has created an expectation of that same level of integrity for DCI.” Valerie is proud to be a part of DCI, a company with persistent authenticity and loyalty to our roots.  


Congratulations, Valerie, on 45 extraordinary years. We are exceptionally grateful for you, all you’ve done and all you continue to do for our patients.