Dialysis Clinic, Inc. - Keeping Access Safe During Summer
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Keeping Access Safe During Summer

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Tips for Keeping Access Safe During Summer Months

With DCI Corporate Home Therapies Nurse Manager Rachel Harrison, RN, and Corporate Home Therapies Nurse Consultant Tawana Hampton, MS, BSN, RN, CNN


  • Keep PD catheter adhered to the body and immobilized so it doesn’t accidentally get torn or caught on something, causing damage.
  • Change dressings more often to prevent the buildup of bacteria, especially when sweating.
  • Clean skin and area around PD catheter/access more often using gentle or antibacterial soap or Exsept cleanser.
  • If you’re considering swimming, check in with your home nurse. Every modality is different. Your nurse can suggest proper coverings for you. 
  • Talk to your physician or nurse first before swimming. Every patient and care plan is different.
  • Avoid swimming in freshwater lakes and rivers. Swimming in the ocean is better than swimming in a lake or river due to the salt concentration and constant movement of the water.
  • If swimming, use well-chlorinated pools, and avoid public pools. 
  • Stay away from hot tubs.
  • Make a supply list before traveling for everything you may need. 
  • Before long flights, talk to your care team about considerations you may need to take. There are specific solutions that allow for a longer dwell time. 
  • Check to see if there are private rooms in the airport that will allow for exchanges during layovers. (Some airports have private, clean areas for nursing moms, so keep this in mind.)