900 South Sixth Street

Raton, NM 87740


About our clinic

“Raton” is the Spanish word for “mouse.” Raton is part of the Santa Fe Trail, in New Mexico. DCI Raton open in 2004. It is located inside the Miner Colfax Medical Center Nursing Home far left of the main entrance. The clinic is happy to serve the people of Colfax county. 


Contact Info

Phone: (575) 445-4300
Fax: (575) 445-4141
Email: jessica.lamden@dciinc.org



Monday – Saturday
6 a.m. – 4 p.m.


Ages Served



Special Needs Accommodations



Languages Spoken

Access to interpreter


Public Transportation

Conveniently located near bus lines


Internet Access

Free wi-fi access for patients


About Our Staff:

The clinical staff has extensive experience in caring for patients with ESRD.

Antonia Harford, M.D.

Medical Director

Vicki Brantley, RN, MSN

Area Operations Director

Jessica Lamden, RN

Nurse Manager

Monica Pino

Chief Tech

Tabitha Quintana


Diana Salais

Social Worker

Mary Pacino

Services offered
In-center hemodialysis

In-center hemodialysis is performed at a dialysis facility. Hemodialysis treatments are scheduled three times a week. The length of the treatment is prescribed by a physician and generally lasts 4 hours. To start treatment, specially trained nurses and dialysis technicians insert two needles, connected to dialysis tubing, into a person’s access (usually in the arm) to circulate the blood out of the body, through the tubing, into the dialysis machine to remove the excess fluid and waste, and then back into the person’s body. Nurses and technicians are always there watching and monitoring the treatment.