11 Jul Yes, You Can Travel While on Dialysis!


Contrary to what many people believe, it is possible to maintain an active lifestyle and travel frequently even when you are a dialysis patient!

There are three options: If you are dialyzing in center, the clinic’s social worker can arrange dialysis in another clinic at or close to your destination.  The disadvantage of this approach is that a spot might not always be available, nor at a convenient time.  If you choose peritoneal dialysis, a home based therapy; you can take the dialyzer with you in a specially provided suitcase.  Your supplies can be shipped separately to your destination.  If you are a home hemodialysis patient, you can also take your machine with you on vacation in a specially designed suitcase that we provide.  Again, any other materials needed for your treatment can be shipped separately to your destination.  We have had patients who were able to dialyze on their own schedule right in their hotel rooms with the last two options; these give you much more flexibility and independence.

Home modalities also allow for international travel, as supplies can be shipped to many destinations around the world.  The dialysis provider supplies appropriate documentation for customs so that there will be no security issues when dialysis machines are checked as baggage.

A final option, though not specific to Dialysis Clinic Inc. (DCI), is a specially organized cruise for dialysis patients, where traditional “in center” dialysis is provided right on the cruise ship.  With this option, however, the patient is tied to a specific schedule. Social workers in the dialysis clinics can provide more information regarding this option.