01 Mar Say Goodbye to Salt!

Shaking your salt habit is an important step to help slow kidney disease and keep your kidneys strong. Foods that are high in salt are also high in sodium. When you eat too much sodium too often, you may find yourself facing excessive thirst and high blood pressure, early signs of kidney failure.

“Salt can make your blood pressure rise.  When you have kidney disease, you are often trying to keep your blood pressure in a certain range. When you eat salty foods, it puts you at a higher risk for developing high blood pressure, heart disease, and accelerating kidney failure,” said Hera Pizzimenti, RD, Staten Island Artificial Kidney Center. “Sodium, or salt, is added to many foods that you may not be aware of. Check the label on the seasonings or food packages to make sure that sodium is not added.”

According to the American Heart Association, salt can be hidden on nutritional labels under various names, including sodium benzoate, disodium or monosodium glutamate. Your doctor may advise you to lower your sodium intake by cutting back on processed meats (like bacon and ham), canned foods, and seasonings, like salt, soy sauce, or teriyaki sauce. Instead of using salt to cook with, Hera recommends trying these four alternatives seasonings:


Did you know that “oregano” means mountain joy? Find joy in trying new spices! You may think of oregano as a pizza or lasagna topping, but it is also used in many Latin American and Mediterranean dishes. Try it out in our lemon roasted chicken. 

Onion Powder

A tablespoon of this savory spice has just 5 mg of sodium in it–pretty great compared to a tablespoon of table salt, which can contain more than 2,300 mg of sodium. Try it in our trail mix.  

Garlic Powder

Garlic powder is a great alternative to its high-sodium cousin, garlic salt. Did you know most garlic salts are typically three parts salt, one part garlic powder? You don’t need all that extra! Try skipping the salt and using this substitute in our mini meatloaf burgers.

Fresh Basil

Mmm yes, this aromatic herb definitely makes you think of Italy! Transport straight to Rome with our delicious kidney-friendly zucchini and yellow squash recipe, topped, of course, with this delicious herb!