10 Nov REACH Kidney Care Provides Walter with Hope & Strength


Walter Johnson is a 61 year old patient at REACH Kidney Care in Spartanburg, South Carolina. In January of 2012, Walter’s kidneys began to fail, which meant dialysis was in his future. His doctor referred him REACH, to explore his treatment options.

“REACH explained that Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) would be a great option, since I wanted to go back to work,” Walter said.

PD is a daily treatment that removes wastes, chemicals and extra fluid from the body using the thin, natural lining of the abdomen to filter a person’s blood. This treatment makes it easier for people to manage their schedules, since dialysis treatments occur at home.

Walter did his PD treatments at home and that allowed him to be able to work full-time.

“In the beginning I felt overwhelmed, but REACH gave me the assurance that I could do this, that I can survive kidney disease,” Walter said.

In September of 2012, Walter’s kidney function improved to the point that he could stop dialysis. He met with the REACH team, who helped him to evaluate and explore his options again. Two months after Walter stopped dialysis, he received a kidney transplant. While a kidney transplant is not a cure for kidney disease, it is the treatment method that most closely restores a person’s quality of life.

“REACH gave me hope and strength.”