02 Oct Purpose Projects raise awareness of kidney disease in communities


From January to August 2017, DCI, REACH Kidney Care and DCI Pharmacy teams participated in Purpose Projects across the United States. Purpose Projects are community service events where DCI employees team up to meet a community need while providing kidney disease and organ donation education.

34 Purpose Projects provided education and resources to more than 47 communities. The Projects varied in nature and creativity. Three educational videos and two coloring books were designed to provide insight to kidney disease. A car show and a kidney disease flea market brought the community together in unique ways. Projects were held on a golf course, in a hockey stadium, at a baseball park and at a state fair. Many Projects directly impacted patient health. Kidney screenings offered blood pressure checks and urine tests, cooking demonstrations showed how to use fresh food to prepare a kidney friendly meal, and support group sessions allowed individuals to share concerns about kidney disease.


DCI Purpose Projects raised over $18,000 for local charities in their respective communities.


Over 450 people were screened for kidney disease through health fairs and community programs.


Over 20,000 people were impacted by DCI Purpose Projects.