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MLK Health Clinic (May 17 and June 17)

Our purpose in this project was to get out in the community and promote Health Literacy.  When working on what we wanted to do, our Medical Director Dr. White said that he finds that most patients have a hard time understanding medical terminology and reading their prescriptions.  So, we came up with a plan to get out in the community and educate them.  We scheduled two days at a local health clinic.  At each visit, we were able to educate around 20 patients and their families.  We created a handout on how to read your prescription bottles and over the counter medications in English and Spanish.  The team created a giant medication bottle for a table display.  We also provided handouts on medical terminology, CKD, Hypertension, and Diabetes.  The patients all had great questions and the team worked with them each individually.  Each patient took home a bag full of education and a small magnifier card to help with reading small print.  Upon completion of the program at the clinic, we received positive feedback from the director:

Medication compliance is an important component of a comprehensive health regime. Helping patients understand what their medication is for and how to correctly take it improves their overall quality of health. We thank DCI so much for their time to offer these presentations to our patients.


Brenda Nims
Clinic Director


Praise Temple Church (June 21)

We partnered with a local church to present our information in a seminar format.  To promote this seminar we did a local ad on three radio stations.  Three of our team members (Joysaline Young, Emily DeMoss, and Joellen Ford) participated in an interview on 99.7 FM KMJJ with DJ Corey Williams “Pastor D”.  In this interview, we promoted the event and talked about health literacy and kidney disease.

On the day of the event, we hosted a one hour seminar.  Our team presented the following topics:  Health Literacy – Emily DeMoss, Medications – Kristy Moffett, Kidney Disease – Dr. Kenneth Abreo, Nutrition – Joellen Ford, and Insurance/Resources – Joysaline Young

The event also included door prizes, blood pressure checks, snacks, pocket magnifier cards, handouts, and services from Kindred Home Health and Golden Age Ministries.


The purpose of this project is to raise nutrition awareness among the community and homeless women and children. A strong emphasis will be focused on the importance of eating healthy nutritious meals to prevent kidney disease and the leading causes of ESRD, diabetes and hypertension. A community garden will be installed and sustained by community volunteers and residents at the shelter (Solomon’s Temple). The purpose of the community garden is to develop a garden program at Solomon’s Temple that will be a continual supply of fresh produce for the community and shelter.


May 17, 2017; June 17, 2017; and June 21, 2017


MLK Health Clinic and Praise Temple Church
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