Real Renal Talk – Cincinnati, OH



Our project is a bimonthly support group for dialysis and chronic kidney disease patients in the local community. Two locations will be offered twice a month to provide a larger area to the community. This will be a gathering place for patients to  speak with and support each other.  They can share their stories, experiences, struggles and triumphs. Our team will be there to provide and a positive outlook.


We feel there is a true lack of social support at times for dialysis patients and chronic kidney disease patients. Because kidney disease is a silent enemy, our patients express that they often feel as if they are walking around with a disease and no one is even aware of. They often struggle emotionally when they find out about their disease and are truly on a long journey though various areas such as prolonging kidney function, transplant, dialysis, or medical management. We feel that the renal community of Cincinnati could benefit in their total wellness (including mental health) by coming to a support group and sharing their stories. Even patients who have a large family can end up feeling alone and those that are truly alone often ask if there are support groups in the area. We believe as a community we could support each other by the simple act of just getting together in the same room and chatting! We hope to touch as many people as possible and spread the word throughout the community.


August 30th 2017 from 2:00-4:00


Forest Park Library – 655 Waycorss Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45240
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