Northern NV Nephrons – Gardnerville, NV



The Gardnerville and Carson City clinics teamed up with Douglas County Senior Services at the Douglas County Community and Senior Center in Gardnerville, Nevada to fulfill a Purpose Project that had been posted onĀ The project involved putting together much-needed emergency backpacks for seniors in Northern Nevada. This project was especially timely given the large amount of snow the region received during the winter, which created the possibility of flooding in certain areas and the potential for a temporary loss of power and/or road closures. DCI provided emergency flashlights, first aid kits, blankets, ponchos, gloves, whistles, matches, hand wipes, tissues, and cold packs. Our team of volunteers worked together with the Senior Center staff with enough emergency supplies to fill 150+ backpacks, which will be available to seniors at the Senior Center and other convenient locations around Douglas County and the Carson City areas. It was a pleasure to work with Travis Lee and his staff on this project and we hope to team up with them again in the future to serve our community.


Many seniors in the Douglas County/Carson City area would benefit from Emergency Kits that would educate them on what to do in case of an emergency and provide them with some essential items to sustain them until further help was available. By teaming up with the Douglas County Community Center on this project, DCI will impact the community by educating seniors on what to do in an emergency, what resources are available, and by providing critical items in an easy-to-access kit. We will also include general kidney health educational material in the kits.


Gardnerville and Carson City, NV
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