In 2015 we started our local 5k/10k called “The Kidney Run.” This is a professionally timed run with awards for best overall and per age group. All proceeds go to Love Inc. of Nacogdoches Patient Kidney Fund. This fund was originally started by a past patient to help others dealing with kidney disease. We keep this fund alive by providing to the community an affordable, fun, and slightly educational experience. The stories participants have shared at our events over the past years have shaped the way our community views dialysis and transplant opportunities.

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The purpose of this Purpose Project (5k/10k run) is to raise awareness and educate the public about organ and tissue donation, living donation, End Stage Renal Disease and Chronic Kidney Disease. This project will raise funds to assist patients in the community who are currently living with End Stage Renal Disease, with unmet needs such as medications, nutritional needs, transportation or other basic needs that are not met by any other programs or organizations. The raised funds can also be used to assist with unpaid costs associated with transplant work-up or cost for donor/recipients that are not covered financially by any other means.




March 31, 2019


Nacogdoches, TX
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