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Set up a booth every quarter in the local stores to educate the public to be aware of their GFR and major causes of Renal Failure. Monitor blood pressure and educate. Using a handout of the “Know your GFR” poster and suggest they discuss their GFR with their primary care physician. Also give them information on how to sign up for organ donation.


Make more people aware of the causes of renal failure and monitoring their GFR and how to sign up for organ donation.


It seems weird that a dialysis clinic would educate on preventing renal disease and organ donation, kind of like working ourselves out of a job. But, that is exactly what we decided to do! Our focus was on preventing renal disease and informing people on organ donation and how to sign up to be a donor. Let’s face it, the subject matter can be kind of dry. The booth had to be eye catching and attractive. We had to have bait to lure them in so we enticed them with bottled water, bracelets, ink pens and lifesaver candy. We had a wealth of information on organ donation and a very informative flyer about knowing your GFR. Rochelle Bozarth, Kim Hill and Lori Mahurin held a booth at our local Hy-Vee grocery store.  We had a good response and surprisingly the majority of the people who we talked to stated they were organ donors. We encouraged them to make sure their family and friends were aware of their desire to donate. We distributed information/goodies to approximately 200 people.   We had supplies left over and decided to spread the word even further. Delanda Smith and Lori Mahurin set up a booth during Tom Sawyer Days in Hannibal MO. The booth space was graciously donated by the Kiwanis Club and we were able to make contact with approximately 700-1000 people, (We lost count). You may view this event at Since we still have supplies left we will continue to set up booths at our local Wal-Mart during their “Wellness Days”. The Wal-Mart company holds a health fair quarterly. They were delighted and excited that we would participate in their “Wellness Days” which previously only involved Wal-Mart vendors and employees. We will continue to spread the word on preventing renal disease and organ donation until we run out of “goodies” to hand out. What a glorious day that would be if no one had to go on dialysis and those that are on dialysis received a transplant.




Kirksville & Bowling Green, MO
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