Lebanon Kidney Counselors – Lebanon, TN



On July 29th the Lebanon Kidney Counselors gathered at Rucker Stewart Middle School in collaboration with the Sumner County Chapter of the NAACP to host a Health Fair focusing on kidney disease, the causes of this disease and preventative healthcare for the same.

The team set up stations as follows: blood pressure screening; Hemodialysis machine; Peritoneal Dialysis with the belly; Nutrition & Dietary education, Blood Glucose monitoring; Depression screening; Social Services, and Cardiac health.  Dr. Morris with his staff from the MooreLife Urgent Care Clinic in Gallatin, TN was also onsite and provided information regarding health care during our lunch and learn session.

The participants were very appreciative and extended their heartfelt gratitude for the service to the community.

We were excited and encouraged to provide this community service and look forward to more opportunities to do the same in the surrounding counties.


Millions of people are affected by high blood pressure but most are unaware of the damage that uncontrolled high blood pressure can have on the kidneys. Providing this information and assessing these measurements and answering any and all questions related to the causes of renal disease, would be very impactful to the lives of the people in this community.  The importance of good nutrition with challenging the individuals to make one small change as an adjunct to improving health.  We will also address Behavioral Health needs and Advance Directives from social services.

Education, making individuals aware of how to care for themselves, empowers them. They are able to make informed decisions regarding health care needs and experience better outcomes.

This project aims to help those attending, gain better insight regarding the importance of managing their blood pressure and healthcare more effectively.



Aug 28, 2017 @ 4:00 a.m.
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