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Our team would like to have a health fair to educate the public on the causes of kidney disease. We plan to have educator speaking on diabetes, blood sugar and foot care, hypertension, diet modification for diabetes and sodium control with taste testing and recipes. Graduates will earn a black belt as a “Knowledge Ninja”.


Increase awareness of the silent diseases that result in an overwhelming number of patients on dialysis in Kentucky. To encourage participants to share their Ninja Knowledge in a pay it forward method with friend and family education.


We educated 445 families about kidney disease during the Free Friday Night Flicks which is put on by the Lexington Kentucky Parks.

Our Ninja Team developed an educational game which involved tossing a ball into one of six baskets and then answering the health related questions concerning hypertension, diabetes and kidney disease. The players had to answer one question from each side of the game and were allowed to choose a ninja toy (or for adults an educational handout) for attempting to answer. Families were educated on correct health information and the incident of hypertension, diabetes and kidney disease in Kentucky.The game was put to use during Free Friday Night Flicks which is put on by the Lexington Kentucky Parks and Recreation Department movie night every Friday from May 31 thru June 28th.

Once the education was completed, names were entered to win a Fitbit or a bike and helmet each week. We did this to reinforce that physical activity may reduce the health issues that lead to kidney failure and ultimately the need for dialysis.

We were rained out our first 2 Fridays, but educated 445 families our last three. Families who completed the exercise were encouraged to pass on their Ninja Knowledge to help prevent diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease in Kentucky with family and friends.

DCI South chose our name “Ninja Knowledge” because ninjas have qualities we all can use to stay healthy such as confidence, control and self-discipline.


Summer of 2019


Lexington, KY
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