Kidney Warriors


Our Project is a health Fair at a local historically African American university. This years health fair will take place in February (for black history month) and will focus on minority health issues.


The purpose of this Project is to raise awareness of kidney disease, the need for early detection, and the facts about transplantation. By raising awareness of kidney disease we hope to delay the need for dialysis.


On 8/28/19 we took part in a health fair at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri. We discussed ways to keep your kidneys healthy to prevent kidney disease. LU is a predominantly African American university, which places the student body at elevated risk for hypertension, diabetes, and kidney disease. We offered educational material on blood pressure and kidney disease, nutritional education (mini-fridge makeover, healthy eating in dining hall, sample menu), exercise tips for campus, and organ donation information. The volunteers completed blood pressure checks, blood sugar checks, and BMI calculations. We provided health fair visitors with give-a-ways that included: lunch bag, stress ball, hand sanitizer, cooling rag, water bottle, pen, cell phone pocket, and chap stick. During the health fair we identified several high risk students who were referred to student health for continued monitoring.


Feb. 1, 2019


Lincoln University
820 Chestnut St., Jefferson City, MO 65101
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