Kidney Kraft – Columbus, GA



Part 1 – So far the experience has been wonderful. We spoke to 100 college students and teachers on 4/18. We gave verbal and written instruction on the functions of the kidneys, risk factors for kidney disease, and ways to prevent kidney disease. We have shared information about the REACH program. We were very well received and lots of great feed back. Most people know someone with kidney disease or diabetes or hypertension and I feel like we planted some great seeds in the community so far. At the  event at Hardaway we were in the lunch room and that high school is making an effort to provide a healthy alternative lunch so it seemed like the appropriate time to discuss healthy lifestyle choices. We actually met with Ms Edwards the manager of the cafeteria program and provided her with education as well. The high schools were so much fun. we spoke to 200 high school students and teacher 4/27. We are not done. We are waiting to hear back from Columbus State University, Shaw and Central High school.


The purpose of this Project is to educate teenagers of the importance of taking care of their health, which in turn will protect the health of their kidneys and prevent a future need for dialysis. They will be given educational material to take home to family members who could benefit from CKD/ESRD education.

Our education project will also provide the caregivers in the nursing homes of how to better serve/care for their dialysis patient resident(s).


4/18/17 09:00-13:00 at Columbus Technical Institute

4/27/17 11:00-13:00 at Hardaway High School, 13:30-15:00 at Lasseter Academy

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