The Douglas Nutrition Camp – Douglas, AZ



Children at each facility were taught about the 4 food groups and proper nutrition that may affect kidneys and the longevity of their lives. Students participated in a lecture and materials were provided, as well as a written test.  Participants were given healthy snacks including a brownie made of black beans, celery, cheese, and water and were reminded to take their handouts home with them to show their family members. The teachers will put separate girl names from boy names in individual hats in order to draw names out for girls and boys bikes during their end of the year award ceremonies.

Upon completion of each teaching to the classes, the team had the opportunity to present to each school at an end of the year ceremony banquet. The team explained to the school the goal of the project for each class, and the presentation that the students had an opportunity to learn in. Names were drawn for students participating in the Purpose Project for bicycles and helmets. The teachers were also presented with teaching charts, posters for their walls and reading tablets for their classroom settings. Overall, there were 40 bicycles and helmets as well as 20 reading tablets distributed to the 3 participating schools.

This project gave Douglas Dialysis an opportunity to increase the learning of children as well as giving back to the ever so needed community of Douglas, AZ.  It brings us back to the saying, “ THE CARE OF THE PATIENT IS OUR REASON FOR EXISTENCE”. THANK YOU DCI INC!


Douglas, being a rural community in the southern border of Arizona, has had a great deal of need for a dialysis center to maintain the patients in this area who have been diagnosed with kidney failure. The Douglas Dialysis Center was started in 2007 with many donations and help from the Douglas community. The “Douglas, AZ, Kidney Care DCI Purpose Project” would like the opportunity to give back to the community by teaching 2nd graders about kidney disease.  The education will interactive for the children.


Faras Elementary School, Sarah Marley Elementary School, and Clawson Elementary School
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