Redding DCI Dialysis Hotshots

DCI Dialysis Hotshots


We welcome the community to join in our free Kidney/ Dialysis health fair. The fair will provide:

  • Information on how to prevent kidney failure
  • Screenings
  • A dialysis demonstration (without blood)
  • The opportunity to ask questions of dialysis staff and patients
  • Snacks
  • A raffle


The purpose of our project is to educate the community about kidney disease, preventing or managing it, and dialysis treatment options.


Our team took great pride in hosting a health fair that educated approximately forty people in our community about kidney disease.

I was very impressed with each team member that took responsibility for their part of the Project completely and enthusiastically. This showed in their tables and interaction with community members. The tables were interesting with models, demos, posters, handouts, and games. Each member took their time answering each question thoroughly. Participants seemed riveted to their discussions. I noticed participants returning to tables, sometimes repeatedly, to ask more questions.

Part of our purpose was to introduce the local nursing students to nephrology as a potential career path. The students examined each table, participated in the screening, and asked lots of questions. They spent a fair amount of time at the table where two dialysis patients were answering questions and talking about their experience. This was in the format of a large table where folks could sit to visit. Above this table was the video screen where our PR person showed the video she had made and other informative videos about renal disease. The students spent well over an hour at the event.

Although I am delightfully impressed with the team members and the quality of our event, I was hoping for a larger turnout. The venue provided what I was hoping for. As opposed to a space in a multi-discipline health fair, we provided a very focused, in depth event without distractions. We would have more exposure in a general health fair but may not have actually influenced more people.

I feel we achieved the purpose to introduce the field of nephrology to the RN students very well. I also feel we were successful in educating and answering questions and concerns by the community participants. Maybe it is possible that someone is now informed enough to prevent going down the path of kidney disease. And maybe one of the participants already with CKD will feel more comfortable about dialysis and even choose DCI should they need dialysis. Lastly, the students appeared to be so involved with this event and had such a great time I wouldn’t be surprised if we eventually see one apply for a job here someday.

Eighteen people completed our Project survey with the following results:

  • Do you have a better understanding of kidney disease after attending this event?
    1. All 18 answered “yes”
  • How did you hear about this event?
    1. Friend: 4
    2. Poster: 2
    3. Social Media: 1
    4. Radio: 0
    5. TV: 0
    6. Other: 5 (2 specified Dr. office)
    7. Other: 6 specified RN students from Shasta College
  • Comments provided:
    1. Very informational.
    2. Great event.
    3. Great Demo and Staff! Love it!
    4. You all did a great job explaining everything.
    5. Great experience and information. Very friendly!


March 22, 2019 @ 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.


Shasta College Health Science Community Room
1400 Market Street, Redding, CA 96001
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