DCI Dialysis Destination – Osage Beach, MO


Our purpose project will educate patients about how to travel while on dialysis. We will make a professional video and brochures featuring our patients and staff, which will be available in print, on DVD’s and social media. Pictures of the Lake of the Ozarks, local resorts, shopping and entertainment will be included as an example of a destination they could visit. Patient interviews will highlight the benefits of travel through their experiences.


Many times dialysis patients feel that being on dialysis limits their ability to travel . Patients think that being on hemodialysis three days per week ties them to their home clinic. Because our clinic is located in a tourist area, we host numerous transients throughout the year and know how easy the process can be. Osage Beach would like to provide information to educate patients on how easy it is to travel while on dialysis and inspire them to take the leap! Our goal is not just to keep them alive but ALLOW THEM TO LIVE LIFE to the fullest.


Osage beach, MO
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