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The Choo Choo angels Purpose Project 2017 was a huge success!  Our goal was to provide education about chronic kidney disease and provide free testing.  WE DID IT!  We made a huge impact on the community.

Total testing of 207 FREE kidney screenings and immediate consultations!  We provided education to more than 207 people.  CHOO CHOO Angels are making a huge difference in the Chattanooga community!

We are promoting healthier kidneys in the Chattanooga Region through free screenings, education and lifestyle changes!  We will continue to volunteer to make a difference in our community.


Ft. Oglethorpe:

Community support included Chattanooga Kidney Foundation and PEED project, Ft. Oglethorpe Fire Department, WERCPR (BLS and choking demonstrations), and Parkside nursing home.

This was our first standalone event.  We provided free testing in a fun environment:  bouncy tent, popcorn, cotton candy, water, coloring tent and face painting attracted the families and children.  Jan Bishop, DCI dietician, provided FREE education on healthy eating.  Valerie Goodwin RN, REACH, provided education on CKD. Dr. Poole, Dr. Yium, Misty Branam FNP and Lauren Howard FNP were available to provide immediate consultations including screening results,  lifestyle changes, and medications!

Over 50 people enjoyed the fun festivities at the KIDney Karnival with testing of 32 people of all ages.  4 abnormals including one urgent child referral.


Lyerly Kick-Off:

Marcia Dillingham NM rallied her team to promote the Minority health Fair and Free testing.  Robert Randall (Lyerly LBSW) provided the music and light show- he created the disco vibe for Lyerly to complete the Soul train theme! Jane Bryan (Lyerly dietician) provided lunch to patients and employees. They kicked off the event with a SOUL TRAIN THEME to invite patients, family and friends to the Minority Health Fair.  Everyone was excited about the FREE testing and boogied on down to the Minority Health Fair


Minority Health Fair:

WOW!!!! 182 people signed in and 175 completed the testing.  We had a line of people from 9am to 2 pm who were waiting to be tested.  We had people waiting over 30 minutes to be tested.  It was beyond our wildest expectations.  Partnering with the local Kidney Foundation we provided FREE PEED screenings-height, weight, blood pressures, and urine screenings.  Community participants were walked from registration to: height, weight, blood pressures, urine cup, bath rooms, waiting area for results, consultation area, and check-out.  We had 2 machines running during the entire event. Dr. Chamberlain, Dr. Crawford, Dr. Yium, and Amy Coggin NP volunteered for immediate consultations.  REACH provided education on hypertension, diabetes, and CKD.  Flyers for an upcoming FREE Stanford Self-Management Chronic Disease workshop were provided by the Kidney foundation, Erlanger hospital, and Aging and Disability.  The mascot was behind the scenes (we were so busy) helping with the screening! Some of the results from the health fa ir include: 30 abnormal urines, (either blood, protein, or both), 38 referrals were made for urine rechecks, because of blood or urine, 22 referrals were made to have B/P and urine checks (in addition to the above testing), 11 referrals for B/P evaluations, and for medication management, 3 referrals were made for management of prostate, UTI, and lung evaluations, 7 referrals for renal evaluations by nephrologist, or renal clinic, and many suggestions of medication changes, reflux management, and diet (both weight loss and low sodium). Overall, a lot of medical information was shared and hopefully a new awareness of life style and well being.


  • Our volunteers:
    • Committee: Marcia Dillingham (Lyerly co- chair), Valerie Good win (REACH co-chair), Christy Freeman (Ft. Oglethorpe co-chair), Karen Crawford (financial), Heather Melton and Amanda Browning (Chattanooga Kidney Foundation) and Catherine Medley (Chair).
    • Minority Health volunteers: Marcia Dillingham (Lyerly), Valerie Goodwin (REACH), Karen Crawford (East Ridge), Dee Douglas (Lyerly), Marie Lawrence (Lyerly), Wanda Lawrence (Ft. Oglethorpe), Rita Wofford (laFayette), Valerie Davis (Chattanooga), Sonya Webb (AOM), John Wilhoite (AOM), Regina Wilhoite (Acutes), Catherine Medley (Lyerly), Grace Medley, local kidney foundation (Milli Yium, Heather Melton, Amanda Browning, Angela Griffith, Dr. Yium), Dr. Chamberlain, Dr. Crawford, Amy Coggin
    • Oglethorpe Volunteers: Marcia Dillingham (Lyerly), Valerie Goodwin (REACH), Brenda Horton (Lyerly), Dee Douglas (Lyerly), Marie Lawrence (Lyerly), Wanda Lawrence (Ft. Oglethorpe), Sonya Webb (AOM), Catherine Medley (Lyerly), Karen Crawford (East Ridge), local kidney foundation (Milli Yium, Heather Melton, Amanda Browning,  Dr. Yium), Dr. Poole, Misty Branam FNP, Lauren Howard FNP, Jan Bishop (dietician), Paula Murphy (Ft.Oglethorpe), Christy Harris (Ft.Oglethorpe), Christy Freeman and husband (Ft.Oglethorpe), Cheryl Kyle (Hixson), Tomeshia Garth (Lyerly)


Thanks to the core committee and all volunteers for making the Chattanooga Purpose Project a success!



Our purpose is to make a difference in the Chattanooga region by providing free screenings and CKD education.  We have partnered with the local Kidney foundation to provide free screenings in Ft. Oglethorpe and at the Minority Health Fair at Eastgate Town Center.  Our goal is to provide testing to 300 participants!  The screenings include height, weight, blood pressure and urine analysis.  Local nephrologists and nurse practitioners have volunteered for immediate consultations at the event.  REACH Valerie Goodwin is providing education regarding Chronic Kidney disease.  We have over 20 DCI volunteers at the events in order to help make it a success! We want to help increase knowledge on how to prevent kidney damage and improve the health of the Chattanooga community.  Please join us and help us make this a reality!

When & Where

  1. Saturday, May 13th KIDney Karnival  @ 12 pm – 4 pm
    • Location:  First Baptist Church of Ft. Oglethorpe 2645 Old LaFayette Road, Ft. Oglethorpe GA 30742
    • Fire Truck coming from Fire Department
    • Local Nursing Home attending with table- Parkplace
    • Gentiva attending
    • Hospice attending
    • REACH
    • Bouncy tent
    • PEED screening- height , weight, BP and urine screening- this is what we are testing
    • Coloring tent and kidney education
    • Face painting
  2. Saturday, August 19th – Minority Health Fair @ 8 am – 2 pm
    • Location: Eastgate Mall (partnering with local kidney foundation)
    • We are doing the PEED screening and providing the volunteers and supplies at the Minority Health Fair
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