The Winners for the Best Act of Service are…

1st place… Prevention Pack
2nd place… “A Day with Darby…Living Life with Dialysis”
3rd place… Kidney Recruiters
Our 1st place team is Prevention Pack from Shreveport, led by JoEllen Ford.
Prevention Pack partnered with Woodlawn Leadership Academy and their health program, local nephrologists, LSU-Health Science Center, Louisiana Tech University, and the local ANNA Chapter to present education to 493 cadets in the school’s ROTC classes for three days in early May. The theme for the Act of Service was “Mission Prevention”. With the help of physicians, dietitians, and nurses the team utilized role plays, interactive classroom presentations, and dialysis machine demonstrations to engage students in the topics of preventing hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and ultimately kidney disease.
Constance Thomas, Administrator, stated, “Education equals prevention and our goal was to educate those students and their families in hopes of preventing them from being on dialysis.”
JoEllen Ford, team leader, stated, “We talked to the kids about making healthier choices. During one conversation we talked about drinking less sugary drinks. On a follow up day when I was back at the school, one young boy approached me with a bottle of water and said, ‘I’m drinking water now because I remember what you said about drinking too many sodas.’ That made me smile. We really are getting through to the students.”
Prevention Pack will receive $5,000 to use for educational purposes. All Prevention Pack team participants will be treated to a celebratory dinner hosted by Dr. Keith Johnson, Dr. Doug Johnson, and more. They will be showcased in the DCI Annual Meeting Video. Congratulations on a job well done!
Our 2nd place team is “A Day with Darby- Living Life with Dialysis”, from Children’s Dialysis of Central Texas, led by Robin Davis.
Children’s Dialysis Clinic of Central Texas produced an educational video titled “A Day with Darby- Living Life on Dialysis”. The video features Darby, a certified pet therapy border collie as the narrator teaching the audience about kidney disease and the different dialysis modalities available for kids. Also featured are pediatric dialysis patients from the local clinic talking about dialysis and how they truly live life to the fullest while undergoing dialysis treatments.
On July 11th, 2011 at the Dell Children’s Medical Center, the video debuted to a full audience of patients, parents, family members, physicians, nurses, child life specialists, and many others. Patients enjoyed seeing themselves on the big screen and the video received rave reviews from the audience.
Robin Davis, team leader, stated, “The production of this video was a labor of love and commitment to our smallest dialysis patients.”
The video has been sent to pediatric dialysis units across the United States to share with patients, families and professionals. 
 “A Day with Darby- Living Life on Dialysis” will receive $3,000 to use toward educational purposes. Congratulations on a job well done!
Our 3rd place team is Kidney Recruiters, from Somerville Ball Square, led by Jane Maxim.
The Kidney Recruiters organized both a project and event for high school students to help raise awareness of kidney donation. The team worked with the students and staff at the Center for Career and Technical Education at Somerville High School. The team provided kidney disease and transplantation educational material to teachers for presentation to their students. After receiving the education, the students were asked to work individually and create a moving and informative poster or essay.
On April 26th 2011, The Kidney Recruiters hosted a program at the school that included doctor and patient speakers as well as videos on transplantation. The room was filled with approximately 80 students who sat captivated by the speakers who shared their own personal and professional experience with kidney disease and transplantation. The second part of the program was the announcement of the winners for the essay and poster project on the theme of kidney donation awareness. There was an excellent response with over 40 student entries.
The event was filmed by the local television network and has aired numerous times on Somerville Cable TV to benefit others in the community regarding the importance of kidney donation.
The Kidney Recruiters will receive $2,000 to use toward educational purposes. Congratulations on a job well done!
The “40 Acts of Service Celebrating 40 Years of Care” was a creative way to bring DCI’s mission to life. The objective was to engage employees in creative service projects to impact the community and the renal patient’s quality of life. That’s exactly what we did.
The 44 Acts were diverse and wide reaching. From establishing renal food sections within food banks, raising money for Camp Okawehna and the local kidney foundations, developing a patient fund, creating a mentor program, registering organ donors, and planting the seeds of  education, our Acts will provide tangible benefits to the renal community for years to come. While the Acts were designed to benefit the community, it is apparent that teams also benefited from the teamwork and community relationships that developed.