DCI is outraged and deeply disturbed by the racial injustice and unrest in our communities and across the country. As a patient-centered healthcare organization, we recognize that racial injustice in our society is detrimental to our mission to care for patients. We are seeing the impact of pain, fear and frustration that racism and injustice inflicts upon our society. To be silent is to be complicit, and we have a duty to our patients, employees and communities to engage in a meaningful and reflective conversation related to the real experiences of those who have been disadvantaged and/or targeted unfairly due to the racial and social inequities that exist in our country.


We recognize that as an organization there are areas where we can improve. Throughout recent months, we have done a lot of listening, demonstrating that we are stronger when we work and stand together. This unity and shared commitment to our patients, partners and each other is what has allowed us to face the COVID-19 challenge, as a united organization, without regard to race or cultural background. We did not shy away from the challenges of the pandemic, and we will not shy away from this crucial discussion. We are committed to applying the same energy and resources to sincerely examine ourselves and our organization to ensure we continue to provide an environment where all patients and staff feel safe, valued, respected and heard.


The conversations taking place are uncomfortable. But we need courageous conversations in order to better understand racial inequity and take action. DCI is committed to working to identify areas where we have an opportunity to improve and address these systemic issues together with our patients, employees, partners and communities. We must embrace and appreciate our differences and stand against behavior that marginalizes or dehumanizes any segment of our population. We are hopeful that our efforts to speak out against racial and social injustice and in turn how we demonstrate the required change, will help us be a better partner to our patients, our staff and our community.


Statement from Dr. Doug Johnson