23 Jun New York DCI staff members to participate in Northeast Kidney Foundation’s 2016 Albany Walk/5k/10k for Kidneys; Raised $1,400 to date

On Sunday, June 26, Team DCI will be participating in the Northeast Kidney Foundation’s 2016 Albany Walk/5k/10k for Kidneys 10K at SUNY Albany.

Team DCI has raised more than $1,400 for the foundation, with additional expected funds to be reported on Sunday. Thirteen DCI staff members from Clifton Park, Albany, Troy, Saratoga and Hospital Services will be participating in the event.

“It’s important to show patients in the community that we are not just in the clinics, but out making a difference in the community as well,” said Jonathan Desrochers, RN, clinic manager for DCI Rubin Clifton Park.

All the money raised was through personal fundraising. Tiffany Bentley,  RN, DCI Hospital Services nurse manager,  has raised about $600, followed closely by Carolyn Bruce, RN, DCI Hospital Services, with about $500 to date.

Tiffany shared she is motivated to raise funds for the foundation because the cause hits close to home. Not only is she a nephrology nurse, but her father had kidney failure and was on dialysis for about ten years.

“I put the information on Facebook and provided a link back to my NEKF fundraising page. I wasn’t shy about asking my friends and family to make donations. They know how important this is,” she shared.

According to the Northeast Kidney Foundation, this event raises funds to support grants for medical, nutrition and housing needs; free kidney screenings; patient, public and professional education; school based programs; scholarship programs and more.

For information about participating in the walk, please call 518-533-7880 or email info@healthykidneys.org.


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