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About Our Practice:

The Kidney Care Center at DCI was formed with a specific goal to promote the awareness of kidney disease and implement all strategies available to slow its progression. 
With the extensive experience of Dr. Amit Nahata and Dr. Jessie Ganjoothe growing challenges of chronic kidney disease are addressed by our team of excellent physicians with expertise and comprehensive, compassionate care. 
In an effort to face these challenges, Kidney Care Center collaborated with Dialysis Clinics, Inc. (a Nonprofit Company) to form a clinic specifically designed to manage the many complex issues related to patients with chronic kidney disease. 
amit k. nahata, M.D.

Amit Nahata, MD

jessie ganjoo, M.D.

Jessie Ganjoo, MD


Sharon Swinney, CRNP

Nurse Practitioner
Services offered

Our practice has many services available to help you or your loved one. After a full exam, we will provide services based on your, or your loved one’s, specific needs. Services may include:

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Management

This is one-on-one consultation with members of your team to help you during the stages of kidney disease. Members of your team may include your doctor, a dietitian, social worker, nurse and more.

Blood pressure control and fluid management

This is an individual look at how well you are doing with your blood pressure and fluid levels. We will discuss ways to keep your blood pressure in a safe, healthy range.

Anemia management

If the amount of iron in your body is low, we help you to increase it, making you feel better overall.

Metabolic bone disease and hyperparathyroidism management

This is a look at your calcium and phosphate levels, which play an important role in your health. We will find ways to keep these levels in check and ensure your bones are healthy.

Nutritional counseling and management

After a urine and blood analysis, we will work with you to choose foods that will meet your nutritional needs and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Kidney stone management

We will help you reduce the likelihood of developing kidney stones and treat them if they occur.

Inpatient and outpatient care

Whether you need care or monitoring in our office, treatment in a hospital, dialysis care in a clinic or in your home, we will coordinate all of your kidney care and work with your primary care provider.

Vascular access planning

We will closely monitor your kidney function. We will talk about what you can do to maintain kidney function each step of the way. At a certain point, it is in your or your loved one’s best interest to plan ahead in the event that your or your loved one’s kidneys stop functioning. If dialysis treatment is needed, an access will have to be placed in order to provide dialysis. We will discuss treatment options and what type of access will work best.

Transplant evaluation

After a complete exam, we will discuss your options for a transplant. We will talk about the risks, benefits, and side effects of a transplant and transplant medications. We will also talk about how to register on the donor waiting list and possibilities for a living donor transplant.