Healthy Shoppers Grocery Store Tour Aims to Educate People with Kidney Disease

WEST PLAINS, MO (April 6, 2015) The Healthy Shoppers Grocery Store Tour is a free event open to people at risk for kidney disease who want to learn more about food choices that impact their health. The event will be held on Tuesday, April 14, beginning at 10 a.m. at Ramey’s Grocery Mart located at 1211 Parkway Shopping Center, West Plains, MO.

Amber Stone, registered nurse and Reach Kidney Care coordinator for Reach Kidney Care of West Plains, is coordinating the event with registered dietitian, Janice Daniels, as part of Dialysis Clinic, Inc.’s Purpose Projects.

“As a Reach Kidney Care coordinator, my job is to help people avoid or delay the need for dialysis. I teach people strategies for managing their health and their daily diet is a huge part of that,” said Stone.

Proper nutrition can help manage the two leading causes of kidney disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

“The grocery store tour is an opportunity for me to reach out to the community and share valuable information hidden within the grocery store aisles. So many of us eat what we know because it’s all we know. I’m going to identify healthier options and products that can work for anyone, especially people at risk for kidney disease,” said Daniels.

Anyone with kidney disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes is encouraged to bring a friend and attend the event.

To learn more about the event, contact Amber Stone at 417-257-1683 extension 5. More information can be found on