07 Sep Five Reasons to Thank Your Nephrology Nurse

  1. When your nurse makes you smile. 🙂 

Many dialysis nurses working in an Reason 1outpatient dialysis clinic see their patients three days a week, every week.  The long shifts during the day keep them on their feet. Even so, we know many nurses still want to see their patients laugh and smile.  It takes a special kind of person to care that much (after being on their feet for a 10 hour shift). If your nurse has learned your name and has made an effort to continue cultivating a relationship with you and your family, that’s worth some thanks.

  1. You are able to count on your nurse to keep your health in tip-top shape. 

As the number of patients on dialysis has grown, so have the expectations for nephrology nurses. Your nurse has completed an intense education program teaching him or her about anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, nutrition, psychosocial aspects of chronic kidney disease and much more. This means you can rely on your nurse to evaluate your health, discuss your diet and Reason 2medicines, and talk about how you are coping with kidney disease. At DCI, nurses invest time with their patients to learn their individual needs and help them achieve greater health. Their efforts have helped us to achieve the lowest mortality and hospitalization rates among large dialysis providers for the past 13 years in a row. This goes to show that your nephrology nurse wants you to stay out of the hospital and live a healthy life, in spite of kidney disease.

  1. Your nurse loves the job and it shows.

A recent survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says over 91% of nephrology nurses reported being moderately or extremely satisfied with their job positionReason 3—they really love what they do! Some nephrology nurses practice care in the hospital. These nurses are often on call during holidays and weekends. They are willing to sacrifice holidays and family time when they are called to the hospital. Each nurse knows the importance of providing the right care at the right time to get a patient back on the right track. At DCI, your nurse simply takes the call because: the care of the patient is our reason for existence.

  1. Your nurse is a hero.

Heroes save the day. Good dialysis treatments at the hands of caring staff save the day, too. Dialysis nurses make sure your machine, Reason4products and medications are meeting the highest quality standards to ensure your dialysis treatment run
s as smooth as possible. Your nurse is always looking to improve your experience, before, during and after treatment, and sometimes that may mean dressing up and revealing their identity as true superheroes!

  1. Your nurse CARES.

If you have witnessed care that went beyond the routine procedures in dialysis, thank your nurse. Behind the scenes, your nurse stays busy completing a variety of different Reason5tasks. Nurses are checking the water treatment system. They are preparing medicines. They are talking to doctors and communicating with hospitals and transportation providers. They are teaching patients how to prolong theirReason5_2 kidney function and training others on how to use a dialysis machine for the first time. They are rejoicing over a patient’s transplant call. They are mourning a patient that won’t be there tomorrow. They are celebrating anniversaries. They are advocating for your care even when you’re not looking. Nephrology nurses care. Let’s thank them for all they do.