Dialysis Clinic, Inc., Releases Educational Film about Kidney Disease

24 Aug Dialysis Clinic, Inc., Releases Educational Film about Kidney Disease

Billings, Mont.—Reach Across Montana, that explores kidney disease based on the experiences of four Montana residents.

On Aug. 31, the video will be feature on the Montana Rural Health Initiative’s website, which aims to share ideas and expertise to support Montana communities in improving health.

“The video really aligns with our goals here at the Rural Health Initiative and acts as a powerful message that raises awareness about chronic kidney disease,” said Amy Wycoff, Project Coordinator of Rural Health Initiative. “Our vision at RHI is to create a dynamic network linking prevention and community-based wellness programs throughout Montana, and to stimulate a higher level of wellness across the state. The work that DCI is doing is making leaps and bounds towards improving the health of Montanans.”

The video was created as a part of the clinic’s Purpose Project, a national DCI initiative to serve local communities and advocate for kidney disease awareness and care. DCI Big Sky has participated in each Purpose Project since the program began in 2011, but this year, the staff wanted to do something different, something timeless.

“Our patients have a beautiful story to tell,” said Shelly Seidel, nurse manager at DCI Big Sky. “Dialysis is a big part of their life. We wanted to create a video that could be shared online and build community. Something mobile, that could showcase our beautiful state and also grab people’s attention.”

The video is beginning to garner attention. Within days of the initial release, the video was shared over 125 times on Facebook and viewed over 2,300 times.

Because Montana is such a vast state, access to care can be difficult for residents who live in rural areas. By promoting this video on social media and providing community viewings, DCI Big Sky hopes to reach those who may live far from physicians, and encourage them to ask questions or connect with a healthcare provider.

“Access to care is an issue, and we see that in the patients we admit. We want to promote knowledge of kidney disease in rural areas to educate people about their health and the steps they can take to delay or avoid dialysis. The goal is to help people stay healthy for as long as possible. If dialysis is in their future, we want to educate them about their choices before they are thrust into dialysis,” said Seidel.

Reach Across Montana, which took about four months to film and edit, focuses on four different patients, including two Native Americans. The DCI video includes cultural footage that the general public may not typically see, such as dancing and singing at the Crow Fair Pow-Wow Celebration.

“A majority of the patients we serve are from the Crow Nation or Northern Cheyenne tribes. It was a very cultural experience to enter into their world, to film them in their element,” Seidel said.

DCI Big Sky staff is dedicated to promoting the video and providing community access to the information. September presentations are on the calendar as well as a formal premier at the DCI Big Sky clinic. The “movie night” will be free to the public, and include popcorn and light refreshments. For more information, contact DCI Big Sky at 406-252-9270.

Watch the video HERE.