01 Sep DCI Employee Veterans


Why do we celebrate Labor Day? Formally defined, it is a day to “celebrate the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.” Pictured here are some of our employees who have previously served our country through the Armed Forces. We thank each and every employee, patient and fellow American who contributed to the freedoms we enjoy today.

Miguel Torres

Local Area Network Administrator in Mid Missouri Region
US Navy
8/22/95 – 4/21/2001
“I am the one on the right.”

Charles Ibie

Nephrologist in Dothan, AL
Nowoghomwenma Charles Ibie, MD
E-4 with honorable discharge
Sept 1998 until November 2003, with 3 years of inactive duty.

Roger Naranjo

Bio-medical Machine Tech. at DCI Shreveport .
US Air Force From Oct 1988 until Sept 2006 — Retired with 22 years of service as Technical Sergeant
“I was an Aircraft Crew Chief on B-52, KC-135 and Fy-22 aircraft. I was stationed at Barksdale AFB during 9/11 and President Bush landed there. I was shipped off to Guam during the war… I am proud to have served, but I salute those who did not make it home. Thank you.”

Jojo Monroe


Kathy Cummings

Unit Secretary DCI Dodge Street
Active duty United States Air Force from March 1978 to November 1985. 
Staff Sergeant, honorably discharged.

Ray Cummings

DCI Omaha Acute Unit
United States Air Force Reserve from July 1981 to April 1993. 
Technical Sergeant when he was honorably discharged

Jeff Kennedy

Senior Operations Director
Served for 27 years from 14 Jun 1980 until 31 Oct 2007. 
Retired as a Colonel

Lisa Hobson

Quality Focus Coordinator
1LT US ARMY Nurse Corp, served from 1990-2000

Molly Balliew

DCI Kirksville
Staff Sergeant

Steven Gamble RN, CNN

Photo taken prior to activation and tour in the Persian Gulf

John Collier

Jackson Hospital Services

Charlotte Kirby

Jackson Hospital Services

Richard Burroughs

Jackson Hospital Services
US Air Force Pararescue 1976 to 1988
US Army Combat Medic 2003 to 2013

Heath Rieger

Jackson Hospital Services
EM2 (SS)
Service Dates March 2004-July 2010
Navy USS Kentucky Blue Crew SSBN 737

Judith (Judi) Wales

Dates of service: 1978-1984
Navy USS Kentucky Blue Crew SSBN 737

Jerry Daugett

E-3 senior airman

Russell Herman (on the left, with glasses)

National Guard

Wayne Staley (on the right)

Specialist E-4
Army Reserve
1-6-2011 to present


Staff Name: Carol Higgins, at DCI Skowhegan

PFC (Army)
July 1985 to January 1990
Stationed at forts in SC, IN, TX and Germany.

Patient Name:  Paul Moulton, DCI Skowhegan patient

Master Sergeant, Air Force
April 6, 1953 to April 30, 1973
Statined in NY, IL, TX, CA, Japan, DE, Phillipines, MA and KS

Patti Kelley

RN at REACH Kidney Care in Spartanburg, SC. 
Hospital Corpsman in the Navy from 1984-1991. 

Corporal Paul Passman

USMC DOS: 1977 – 1980

Liam Harrell

RN at DCI Montrose
US Army

Joe Santiago

RN DCI Grand Junction
US Air Force 

Mary Davenport

Nurse Practitioner at DCI Grand Junction and Montrose
US Army Nurse – 1972-81

Mark Neujahr

Social Worker at DCI Grand Junction and Montrose
US Army
Corporal 709 MP Battalion

Rick Kelly

Area Operations Director

Doug Patterson

Human Resources
USAF and Air National Guard for 30 years

Shawn Hamil 

Area Technical Manager, DCI Indiana PA
PA  National Guard
Active Duty – Iraq 2004-2005

Janet Cambell, RN

DCI Cumberland
Active U.S. Army as an E-5
Sergeant from October 1985 to March 1990

Wayne Kimmer

National Guard

Jessica Kelley

Army Reserve
March 19, 2000 to Current