23 Mar Dialysis Clinic, Inc. and DCI Donor Services Walking Challenge Raises $25,000 for the American Association of Kidney Patients

In recognition of National Kidney Month, Dialysis Clinic, Inc. (DCI), hosted a Kidney Disease Warriors step challenge encouraging all employees to walk and raise awareness of kidney disease on March 16th, 2018. $25,000 was raised and will be donated to the American Association of Kidney Patients, AAKP.

“We were really excited to connect our mission of caring for kidney patients with AAKP’s need for resources and a step challenge that allowed employees to be actively engaged in their own health,” stated Doug Johnson, MD, Vice-Chairman of DCI.

1,001 DCI and DCI Donor Services employees participated in the Kidney Disease Warriors step challenge, taking a combined total of 8,803,524 steps. The challenge was tracked through the Go365 employee wellness program. DCI agreed to pay $0.003 per step, or $3 per 1,000 steps, up to $25,000.

AAKP President Paul T. Conway stated, “AAKP is deeply appreciative of the genuine empathy and understanding DCI employees have toward the kidney patients and communities they serve and we are grateful to Dialysis Clinic, Inc. and DCI Donor Services for donating the proceeds of their step challenge. Patients and their care teams, united by principle in a common cause, share the title of Kidney Disease Warrior and AAKP is committed to building the capacities necessary to keep the independent voice of patients in every national discussion that might impact health outcomes.” Conway has managed kidney disease for over thirty-seven years, including over two years on dialysis and for the past twenty-one years as a transplant recipient.

AAKP, founded in 1969, is the largest and oldest fully independent patient lead advocacy and education organization in America and is governed by a patient-majority Board of Directors. AAKP conducts national education programs designed to better inform kidney patients, care-givers and policy-makers about the true impacts of kidney disease, prevention efforts and treatment methods. AAKP executes a national advocacy strategy in conjunction with allied kidney organizations designed to insert the patient voice into proposed policies, research efforts and care deliberations before the Executive Branch and the U.S. Congress.

DCI, founded in 1971, is the nation’s largest non-profit dialysis provider in the U.S. with over 240 dialysis clinics across 28 states and a chronic kidney disease program, REACH Kidney Care, focused on early intervention and care coordination for kidney disease patients. DCI started DCI Donor Services to connect lives through donation and transplantation. DCI Donor Services maintains a tissue bank, eye bank, and organ procurement organizations in Tennessee, California, and New Mexico.



People with kidney disease deserve the best care and hope for a better life. DCI is the only national healthcare provider that delivers comprehensive care along the entire continuum of kidney disease. As a non-profit provider since its inception in 1971, DCI has consistently put patients first. DCI provides the best care among national kidney care providers and invests a substantial portion of its resources to improve this care. With more than 240 outpatient dialysis clinics in 28 states, DCI is the nation’s largest non-profit dialysis provider. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, DCI employs over 5,000 people serving approximately 15,000 patients on dialysis and over 4,500 patients with chronic kidney disease. DCI’s services include in-center hemodialysis, home therapies and partnerships with hospitals to provide in-patient care. The United States Renal Data System has found DCI to have the lowest mortality and hospitalization rates among national dialysis providers since 2002. DCI operates under the mission “We are a non-profit service organization. The care of the patient is our reason for existence.” For more information visit www.dciinc.org.