20 Jul Craig B.


“Dialysis is a lot like motorcycling,” said Craig Both, DCI Rockhill, patient. “You have to plan ahead for a successful trip.”

Dialysis treatments, which are typically three times a week for several hours, do require some arranging.  Craig recently began dialysis in March at DCI Rockhill, and one of the things he’s learning now is how to become a better planner.  This planning enables him to live his life to the fullest, and gives him time to enjoy his main hobby: motorcycling.

 “As long as you plan ahead, dialysis won’t be able to hold you back,” Craig shared. “Dialysis has not affected my daily life. And now on my off days, I feel perfect.”

In 2012, Craig had an aortic infection, which affected both his heart and kidneys. He was in the intensive care unit for three weeks, receiving dialysis while his kidneys completely shut down.  Slowly, he started making a recovery, and by January of 2013, he was in a rehabilitation program.

In fact, once Craig was out of the intensive care unit, his kidneys regained some functionality, and he was able to delay the need for dialysis for more than three years. The biggest factor in his ability to postpone dialysis was eating properly, he said. Craig met with a renal dietitian and educated himself about the different aspects of his diet including sodium, phosphorous and sugar levels.

“You have to watch your numbers and keep your kidneys from being stressed,” he said. “Be aware of your limits and talk with your doctors. Right now, I’m seeing how everything I eat or drink affects my next treatment. Now I see that watching my diet is the biggest factor in having a successful treatment next time.”