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Christine Taylor Retires After Two Decades at DCI

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Christine Taylor, corporate payroll specialist, is retiring this month after 20 years with DCI. 


The organization’s dedication to its mission and values was a large part of her 20-year career. “I love what this company stands for,” she said. “It’s always patients first.” 


Over the past 20 years, Christine’s role changed from an accounts payable/clinic payroll clerk to training new employees, to corporate payroll specialist, her role since 2009.


Doing whatever she could to make a difference was Christine’s favorite aspect of her job. “I felt like I was playing a part, even if it was just a small part, in a company that has helped so many people in so many ways,” she said.


Christine’s “smile, laughter and encouragement” helped others feel welcome, said Dana Mann, payroll/accounts payable manager. She always goes above and beyond in her duties, making sure employees are valued as team members, Dana said. “She’s down to earth and compassionate about her work. She is always willing to help out wherever she can.” 


For Christine, DCI stands out among other employers in her career. “I loved DCI right from day one,” she said. “The family atmosphere really drew me in and made me feel like I belonged.” 



As Christine’s work responsibilities grew, so did her DCI friendships. “Some of these friends have become more like family.” 


In her retirement, Christine looks forward to spending time with family and friends and at her church. She has three great-grandsons and she will be on the sidelines of their baseball, football and soccer games. “If they will let me cheer as loud as I want to, I plan on being at the ball fields any time they’re playing,” she said. She’ll also be spending more time with her favorite co-worker, her dog Champ. 



Christine fondly recalls her time with DCI, reflecting on the memories and friendships made. “Thank you, DCI, for the last 20 years,” she said. “I am thankful and consider myself blessed for each day I have been … a part of your organization. Thank you to the many employees with whom I have had the honor of working. I consider you much more than co-workers. You will not be forgotten.”


Thank you, Christine, for your hard work and dedication. Enjoy all that retirement has to offer! You deserve it after a long and successful career.