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Dialysis Delayers
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4731 N. E. Stallings Drive
The Event
DCI Nacogdoches is giving away 2500 professionally recorded CD’s to residents in the Pineywoods of East Texas.
Location & Address
The Barn Bar and Grill at 2304 North St, Nacogdoches, TX 75965
Stage 1: The HotRod Cadillacs and Dr. Brian Davis professionally recorded 8 classic rock and blues type songs. A local web design and printing company designed a professional CD cover and 2500 copies of the CD were replicated. A CD Release party was planned at a local restaurant and 1000 flyers were printed to advertise the event. Stage 2: Distribution of the CD’s and the flyers began. CD’s and flyers were taken to every local physician’s office and many other medical facilities including physical therapy, prosthetics, and pharmacies. A brief explanation was given and the staff was encouraged to keep a CD for themselves, give one to the physician and to hand them out or make them available for patients as they saw fit. The intent here was to make as many medical professionals as we could aware of CKD and of DCI and our CKD program. CD’s were also randomly handed out in parking lots, banks, restaurants, local meetings, the chamber of commerce and several other places. Stage 3: Media involvement. CD’s and a press release were mailed to the local newspaper, local TV stations and local radio stations. The newspaper contacted me and two members of the band and did a front page story on the CD . KETK TV station contacted me and requested a live interview which I did. Radio stations were handing out the CD’s as contest prizes as well. Stage 4: Follow-up before the event: I went to as many places as I could manage Thursday and Friday before the event to remind them it was coming up and personally invite them to attend. I received a lot of remarks in a short period of time such as “Oh yeah, we are hoping to go”, “I was just reading about that in the newspaper”, “Oh, I saw that on TV the other day”, “Yeah, I’d like a few more CD’s”, “Can I have one for my sister”. I even had one say that she had a “family reunion next weekend and almost everyone one of them have diabetes and/or high blood pressure. They need to hear this. Can I have some to hand them?” Stage 5: The event: Slight glitch – The Barn closed down between the planning, printing, advertising and the event. Ugh!! All’s well that ends well. The owner agreed to open for the event, basically a private party just for us. I do believe that the confusion of the “for lease” sign in the front of the building and the article in the newspaper announcing that The Barn was closed and up for lease may have hurt attendance. We had between 65 and 70 people actually show up however even with all the confusion. Those that did come had a blast.   Purpose Accomplished!! About 1800 CD’s were given out in the community prior to the event – that is 1800 people plus anyone who happens to listen in with that 1800 that get to hear about CKD, the risk factors, what to ask their doctor, what tests need to be done, how to get additional education and how to reach DCI. Many of those who heard this important message were medical professionals who will remember this information to pass on to patients when they need it. It is likely that the CD’s will remain in the community for some time and the OCR code on the cover will link them to our Microsite to continue reminding people that we have a CKD education program. About 900 flyers were also distributed to invite people to the event. It is difficult to know how many were exposed to the television interview and the newspaper articles or through little blurbs on local radio stations as they were giving away CD’s. We did have several attendees say that they saw it in the newspaper (one of which is a nursing instructor at SFA) and a couple of patients from other clinics. Some reported hearing about it in the Dr.s office and some said the “website” which I assume was scanned in from the OCR code on a flyer. We had 65 – 70 people attend the CD release party. Those that had not previously received a CD were given one. Our booth was able to pass out information about kidney disease and our CKD program there. Everyone had a great time. This was the most Fun educational project I’ve ever participated in and when it is Fun, people listen. I can’t wait to start hearing CKD and chronic patients say that they heard about us because of the CD. We have already had a church contact us and ask if we could speak at one of their events because they have “a lot of members with diabetes and high blood pressure” This project will continue here for a long time even though it is officially over. We still have about 700 CD’s that will be used in health fairs and other events in town or given to doctors who request more for their patients. Even more importantly we had excellent feedback from the medical community who will remember who DCI is, what we stand for and how we help people in all stages of kidney disease.
Date & Time
Saturday, August 17th 6:30-8:00pm
For More Information
Debbie Gove 936-569-9900

Full details and program guidelines are posted under Purpose Project Guidelines on www.dciinc.org and the DCI intranet. Purpose Projects must be coordinated by DCI employees. All DCI employees are welcome to participate. * Award money received from winning the “Best Overall Purpose Project” and the “Most Impactful Purpose Project” is to be used for DCI clinic educational purposes. For example: Paying for staff education courses, funding Pre-ESRD courses, or to purchase educational items to be used in the clinic.

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