Lee’s Summit


219 NW Executive Way
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063


About our clinic

Our Lee’s Summit clinic opened 12/31/96. While Lee’s Summit is small, they are mighty. The staff  shows genuine concern for the patients. Most recently the patients rated the clinic in a patient satisfaction survey. 86% of patients rated the clinic excellent for paying attention to their comfort.

Our Outreach Program serves all metro residents, offering multiple screenings throughout the community at least once a month. 


Contact Info

Phone: 816-554-2711
Email: information@dciinc.org



Monday, Wednesday, Friday
6 a.m. – 4 p.m.


Ages Served



Special Needs Accommodations



Languages Spoken

Access to interpreter


Public Transportation



Internet Access

Free wi-fi access for patients


About Our Staff:

Our professional and caring staff have over 71 years experience caring for people with renal disease.

Tim Neufeld, M.D.

Medical Director

Frances Hixson

Area Operations Director


Nurse Manager

Tanya Kearney

Social Worker

Brad McElwee

Services offered
In-center hemodialysis

In-center hemodialysis is performed at a dialysis facility. Hemodialysis treatments are scheduled three times a week. The length of the treatment is prescribed by a physician and generally lasts 4 hours. To start treatment, specially trained nurses and dialysis technicians insert two needles, connected to dialysis tubing, into a person’s access (usually in the arm) to circulate the blood out of the body, through the tubing, into the dialysis machine to remove the excess fluid and waste, and then back into the person’s body. Nurses and technicians are always there watching and monitoring the treatment.